A Warm Welcome to Our Scouting Families!

Rancho Escondido Therapeutic Riding and Equine Assisted Therapy is proud to announce our Boy Scouts of America Horsemanship Merit Badge Course! Ms. Kimber, our Executive Director, is a lifetime Girl Scout and was previously the Assistant Service Unit Manager in Girl Scouts of Western Washington, with over 85 troops and 450 girls! Scouting is in our blood at Rancho Escondido and we are happy to offer this course to support Boy Scouts of America!

Boy Scouts of America Horsemanship Merit Badge

Established in 1911, the Horsemanship Merit Badge is an elective merit badge that can be earned when scouts successfully show how to handle and manage a horse. This includes knowledge of horses and their living areas, learning basic tack and riding skills, basic grooming and bathing and basic health and first aid.


WHAT: BSA Horsemanship Merit Badge Course

    • WHERE: Rancho Escondido Therapeutic Riding 5386 Santa Teresita Dr. Santa Teresa, NM 88008
    • HOW MUCH? Usually $25.00

This course is a 2 hour course and is limited to 8 participants. Cost is $25.00. Participants will be handling and riding horses. Advance registration and riding liability waiver is required.


Please download and fill out and sign both the registration form and the Release of Liability. Your $25.00 payment can be made online via credit card or you can pay us by cash or check in person before the class begins.

Registration Packet

Download Registration Here! The registration packet includes the legal liability waiver.


Horsemanship Merit Badge Workbook

Download the workbook for the horsemanship course here. Materials to answer the questions in this workbook are widely available online. Please do your best to answer the questions in this workbook and write down any additional questions you may have so we can talk about them in class!

Download Workbook


The button below takes you to the $20.00 payment for the Boy Scouts Merit Badge Class. Limit 8 students.

If you prefer, you may pay in person by cash, check or credit card, just be aware that the class is limited to eight students and your scout is not registered until payment is received.


Next Steps…

There are only EIGHT spots for this class, available first come, first served. You are not considered registered until we receive both the completed registration packet and payment for the class.

See you June 7th at 8:00!!