How Much Do Lessons Cost?

Please see our “Types of Lessons” page for a complete breakdown of lesson costs. Generally, a 1-hour weekend group lesson (with 5 instructors) for children who do not require side walkers is $35.00. Everything else is explained in detail on the “Types of Lessons” page.

What Is Your Lesson Schedule?

We do group lessons (5 Instructors) on Weekend Mornings. We will typically have no more than four riders at a time. Availability is very limited for these spots, so you may need to be flexible with your schedule.

We do group and individual lessons during the week, from 9:00AM to 3:00PM. We typically have three instructors available during these time slots. Groups are restricted to four riders.

We also do lessons after school, at 5:00 and 6:00. These are individual lessons, typically reserved for children who require side walkers or have more severe disabilities. These lessons are conducted one-on-one with Ms. Kimber.

Do I Have To Wear a Helmet?

YES. YOU MAY NOT RIDE A HORSE without an ASTM/SEI Certified Equine Helmet.??No Exceptions.?No Bicycle Helmets. No Football, Hockey or Construction Helmets. We have loaners if you don’t have one or if you forget yours.

Note: We understand that children with some kinds of disabilities do not like anything on their head. We suggest using a beanie or a ball cap a few days before coming to try to get them used to it. Unfortunately, there are NO EXCEPTIONS to our helmet rule.

What Should I Bring?

  • A Water Bottle for your rider. (Water and Gatorade are usually on sale at the barn for $1.00 a bottle)
  • Sunscreen. (We have sunscreen if you forget)
  • A Camera. You’ll kick yourself if you don’t.
  • A Helmet for Horseback Riding if you have one. If not, we do.
  • A Coat, if necessary.
  • Horses love carrots.
  • Instructors love coffee.

What Should My Child Wear?

  • Long Pants (no dresses or shorts)
  • A shoe with a heel. English Riding Boots or Cowboy Boots are preferred, but not required. NO OPEN TOED SHOES.
  • Weather-appropriate clothing

Do You Accept Insurance?

Unfortunately, no. We’ve looked in to it, and it turns out it’s unreasonably complicated. (no surprise there.)

How Many Horses Do You Have?

At the moment, we have 26 horses at our facility.

  1. Chance            Quarter Horse           Beginner
  2. Dakota             Quarter Horse           Late Beginner, Intermediate
  3. Dancer             Arabian                     Advanced
  4. Fifth Avenue    Thoroughbred           Late Beginner, Intermediate
  5. Gator               Mustang                   Late Beginner / Intermediate
  6. Gryphon          Thoroughbred          Advanced
  7. Gypsy              Arabian                    Advanced
  8. Hennessey      Appy                        Beginner
  9. Honey             Quarter Horse          Beginner
  10. Ivy                  Intermediate
  11. Jack                Percheron (Draft)     Beginning Horse / Driving
  12. Kali                 Paint                         Intermediate
  13. Killian             Quarter Horse           Beginner
  14. Marshmallow  Thoroughbred          Late Beginner / Intermediate
  15. Nimbus          Quarter Horse          Not broke to ride (colt)
  16. Perry              Paint Late                Beginner /Intermediate
  17. Persia            Arab/Appy/TB          Late Beginner / Intermediate
  18. Peyton           Tenn. Walker/Bashkur Curly             Intermediate
  19. Phoenix         Thoroughbred           Intermediate
  20. Pocahontas    Quarter Horse         Beginner
  21. Raven            Thoroughbred          Advanced
  22. Scarlett           Intermediate /         Advanced
  23. Sedona           Quarter Horse          Beginner
  24. Shadowfax      Arabian                  Advanced
  25. Whisper          Thoroughbred         Intermediate
  26. Willow             Paint                       Late Beginner / Intermediate

Is It Safe?

Our horses are very safe, very well-trained lesson horses and accidents are rare. However, they do happen. Horses are animals and this is part of horseback riding. This is why we require all riders, regardless of age, ability or experience to wear a helmet, and we restrict non-riders from entering the riding area.