Horse Boarding

Horse Boarding

The boarding facility at Rancho Escondido offers unparalleled access to area trails as well as a full suite of equine-related conveniences to help you maximize your time with your horse.

  • 14 partially covered, fully fenced stalls, each one 12 x 20 feet, with 10 x 12 covered.
  • Private tack room
  • Access to two riding arenas, including a 250 x 350 foot competition arena, with barrels, jumps and other eventing options.
  • Access to a 60-foot diameter round pen
  • Access to a wash rack
  • Private Gate to BLM Trails
  • Trailer parking with available Trailer Storage
  • ADA Bathroom with Shower

The Barn

Our 14 stalls have private parking, including trailer parking. Boarding contracts are annual, with payments made monthly. All horses are required to have current Coggins and up-to-date vaccinations. Rates include two daily feedings of two-flakes of Arizona Alfalfa. Stalls are cleaned daily.

You are responsible for purchasing supplements, as well as vet bills, farrier, teeth, etc.


Rates are subject to change, but are guaranteed for the length of your annual contract.

For 2022, Rates are $350.00/mo. Additional fees may apply for:

  • Trailer Storage
  • Supplements
  • Blanket/Unblanketing


Once you have contacted us and made arrangements to board you horse with us, you can click here to View and Sign our Boarding Contract.

 (IMPORTANT: If you haven’t spoken to us first, we are under no obligation to honor this contract.)