Many of our weekend clients are home school families and they’ve been asking us to put together a weekday program for years. So, we finally did it.

We designed this program as a daytime learning activity for children ages 4 to 17 who do not attend traditional public or private school outside of the home. Parents are encouraged to stay and attend classes with their children, but it is not required.

Please note: Due to the huge number of people who are keeping their children at home due to the Covid-19 virus, this program is overwhelmed. We ARE still taking appointments, but you may have to be very flexible with us, and we are NOT scheduling repeating weekly lessons so that we can make the program as accessible as possible to everyone.

Typical classes are an hour long, with a focus on learning about horses, both on the ground and riding. Ms Maddy, who is working on her Master’s in Social Work, has over 20 years of riding experience and is well equipped to work with children at the barn.

Please note: Rancho Escondido is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Public Charity and we do not discriminate (or tolerate discrimination) against people of all faiths or no faith, people of all races, abilities, nationalities, creeds and gender, and people of all sexual identities. Our facility is open to ALL people of ALL abilities.

Lesson Format:

Our Home School Program is generally in a group format, with two instructors. This means that we’ll typically have four riders and two instructors in the arena at one time. 

Note: Due to Covid restrictions, we try to keep familes together and try to avoid scheduling family groups with other, non-related riders.

The one-hour session is broken into two 30 minute segments, the first half typically is a horse-related activity and the second half riding. This format is an excellent introduction to horseback riding and barn culture, and a great way to see if horseback riding is something your child would like to get more serious about.  Many of our Horses for Homeschoolers Clients move up to Traditional Group Lessons or Private Lessons as they get more serious.

What to Bring:

  • Please make sure that your child wears long pants (jeans) or riding breeches and a closed toe shoe. Sneakers are ok, but not great. Some sort of boot (with a flat heel) is preferable. Dress for the weather.
  • A bottle of water or other beverage
  • Bug Spray
  • A camera

Riding Helmets: Riding helmets are mandatory for all students. There are no exceptions. If you have an approved Equine Riding Helmet, please bring it. If you do not, we have plenty. We understand that some children with specific disabilities do not like the “feeling” of having something on their head. Please work with your child in advance using a ball cap or other hat. We cannot make any exceptions to this rule.


Generally speaking, an hour-long Horses4Homeschooler lesson is only $15.00. There are no further discounts available for this program. The idea is to keep it as accessible as possible for everyone, but that’s as low as we can go.

Important: Our weekend lesson program is a different program, with different instructors and different objectives. Home school discounts do not apply to weekend lessons, and visa versa.

About our Horses:

We have 17 horses to choose from at the barn, each with their own training, their own temperament and their own style . We understand that riders sometimes develop a bond with one specific horse. But, if your child spends every single hour at the barn riding one specific horse, they will only learn to ride that one specific horse, not horses in general. We currently have six solid beginning level horses, and we cannot guarantee which one your child will ride. In fact, we’ll probably mix it up a bit, specifically so that your child gains exposure to different horses.

Cancellations (this policy applies to ALL of our riding programs):

Weather: We ride in an outdoor arena. If it rains, or if has recently rained, the arena may be too slippery to ride. Similarly, extreme heat, cold and wind make for a miserable (and potentially dangerous) day for both horse and rider. If we have to cancel due to weather, we will notify you as early as possible, and reschedule your lesson or refund you.

Your Responsibility: If you do not show up within 15 minutes of the start time of your lesson, it will be cancelled, with no refund. Our instructors have to get here, clean stalls, drag the arena and saddle the horses. If you do not cancel?24 hours in advance, there is no refund for missed lessons.

Registration Information

  • Call or Text us at 915-731-5702
  • E-mail us at
  • PM us on Facebook at


At a Glance

Waivers & Contracts

Boy Scout Horsemanship Badge Information

A huge “THANK YOU” to the folks at Sam’s on North Mesa for their generous donation to Rancho Escondido! Your support is directly funding riders who could not otherwise participate.


Rancho Escondido Receives Platinum Star of Transparency; Highest Ranking from GuideStar.

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