As many of you know, Ms. Kimber has a Master’s in SPED with a Graduate Certificate in Autism, and is proficient in ABA Therapy and related interventions such as PRT, TEACCH and others. Ms. Kimber has worked with children with Autism in her classroom for many years but has not really done any independent therapy… Until Now.

As you may have heard, we have begun work on a new building (we’re almost done, actually) that is being designed specifically to offer Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy to children with Autism. This “therapy classroom” will have all of the features of a typical academic classroom, with the addition of some special learning aides that are specifically useful for children with Autism. These include an Autism swing, PECS charts and other therapeutic equipment to support helping children with Autism learn to function better.

In addition, Ms. Kimber and Ms. Sara are working on their Board Certified Behavioral Analysis (BCBA) licenses, so they’ll be officially licensed behavioral analysts with the state, and we are in the process of applying with the New Mexico Human Services Department to become a Behavioral Health Agency (BHA). All of this, combined, means that we are hopeful that we’ll be able to accept both Medicaid and Private Insurance for ABA Services as soon as late this year. We have developed a separate website to support our ABA Services initiative.

Please check out the Rancho Escondido Behavioral Therapy website at for more information!

Note: While we await our formal licensure with the New Mexico Human Services Department and the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Ms. Kimber has had a Master’s Degree in SPED with a Graduate Certificate in Autism for many years and is very well versed in ABA. We are able to see clients on a cash-basis if you’d like to schedule with us. Please contact Ms. Kimber directly for more information.