Summer Camp 2024

We’re doing something different this year…

Summer camp will still be summer camp. We’ll still have horseback riding, crafts, games, swimming, archery, a cool siege weapon contest and more… but…

On Friday, the last day of camp, we’re inviting vendors to help us turn this into a legitimate Renaissance Fair! We have no idea what kind of vendors will sign up, but it’s only $5.00 for a booth and we’re hoping to get food vendors, craft vendors, people selling medieval-themed stuff, etc. The only caveat is that whatever our vendors want to sell, it has to be approved by us first, and it has to be appropriate for children. The hours will be 9:00AM until 5:00PM, or whenever they want to call it quits. See the “Fair Information” section (on this page) for more info.

Similarly, non-campers who would like to come check out the fair are invited to come on Friday. There will be a $5.00 entrance fee per person for anyone who would like to come check out the fair. Obviously, if you are attending camp, you do not have to pay.

 Closes 6/1/2024

Closes 5/1/2024

       Always Welcome!


Here are the details:

Camp Dates:June 24 to June 28, 2024
Camp Location:Rancho Escondido Therapeutic Riding
 200 South Tierra Vista Dr.
 Anthony, NM 88021
Camp Hours:8:30AM to 2:00PM
Camp Includes:Lunch Daily, including a vegetarian option,
 Unlimited Water/Gatorade and Drinks
 One FREE Camp T-Shirt
Camp Costs:$350.00 for the week, plus $25.00 for additional T-Shirts
 (should you want one).

Our motto at Rancho Escondido is “Riding for Children of ALL Abilities,” and we warmly welcome all children with special needs. Please be aware that, during camp, we do not have the staff to provide 1:1 assistance to children with some disabilities, nor can we accommodate children who may become violent, disruptive, attempt to run away, etc. You are welcome to send a caregiver with your child should they require one.

Your clan is one of many to arrive in the small village for a well-earned break. The week that you spend here will turn in to a week of games, competitions, adventures and new challenges, including, Archery, Crafts, Games, Swimming in the above-ground pool, and, of course, Horseback Riding!


Friday Fair Information

  • Friday, June 28.
  • Setup 8:00AM
  • Booths open: 9:00AM
  • Booths Close: 5:00PM or sooner if you’d like.

Important:  We are an off-grid facility. There is NO power available. You may bring a generator if you really need one, but we have horses, so it can’t be too loud.

Depending on how many vendors sign up, vendors will be set up in the big arena or the tack-up area. Bring a covered canopy of some sort — it’ll likely  be very hot.

Please submit the vendor application. We really don’t have a sense for how big (or not big) this will wind up being, or who will come. But hey, it’s only $5.00. “Ya pays your money, ya takes your chances…”