Rancho Escondido will always be a non-competitive environment where children of all abilities will learn to care for and ride a horse. We offer lessons for both typically developing children and children with disabilities. Depending on your goals, we start from the very beginning and progress through intermediate and advanced skills, including barrels, jumping, obstacle courses and trails. Our focus is on developing the abilities and skills to be safe, competent riders.

We have several different lesson programs as well as our annual Summer Horse Camp to meet our client’s needs, as follows:


Horses 4 Homeschoolers

Regular Group Lessons

Private Lessons

Horse Therapy





$TBD/hour depending on number of staff


Two instructors, up to four students. 30 minutes of riding, 30 minutes of a craft.

Up to Five Instructors, Five Students (1:1 ratio). One hour.  Covers all aspects of riding.

One Instructor. One Rider. 1 hour lesson that focuses on all aspects of riding, as desired by client.

One rider, one therapeutic instructor, up to two side walkers and a lead, as needed.

Appropriate For

All typically developing children, ages 5 – 17. Children with mild disabilities and non-disruptive behaviors.

All typically developing children, ages 5 – 17. Children with mild disabilities and non-disruptive behaviors.

Any typically developing child

Anyone with special needs. No formal diagnosis required.

Your Child will Learn…

Basics of how to ride a horse. Typically walk / slow trot only. Usually English.

Kinds of Tack, Ground manners, walk, trot, canter, beginning barrel / jumping. English or Western.

All aspects of horsemanship, all riding styles.

Intervention for children with special needs. Classroom also available.

Typically Scheduled

(ALL Lessons are By Appointment.) DO NOT JUST SHOW UP.

All day Mon.;  half day Wed.  mornings (9:00 – 12:00) by appointment.

Weekend mornings (8:00 – 12:00) and evenings (after 5:00), by appointment

Tuesday, Thursday mornings and M-F evenings, and other times, by appointment

By appointment.

Horses 4 Homeschoolers

Our new Horses 4 Homeschoolers program meets Monday from 9:00Am to 3:00PM, and Wednesdays from 9:00AM to 12:00 PM, as scheduled. We have two different instructors available for each session, so we’re able to offer up a 2:4 ratio. Typically we have two students riding and two students doing a hands-on craft. 

This program is a great way to introduce some physical activity into your child’s day. 

Classes are one hour each but scheduling is limited to make sure that as many people as possible have an opportunity to attend. 

Please see our Horses 4 Home Schoolers page or text or call Ms. Maddy ((915) 731-5702) for more information.

Group and Private Lessons

Our Traditional Lessons are available in small groups or one-on-one with the instructor of your choice.

Our group lessons have up to five instructors and up to 5 students, with one-to-one student to teacher ratios. We focus on teaching all aspects of riding, including:

  • Groundwork
  • Kinds of Tack
  • English Riding
  • Western Riding
  • Lunging a horse
  • Tacking up a horse
  • Bathing a horse
  • Rodeo games
  • Dressage basics
  • Hunter / Jumper basics


  • Group Lessons: $35.00/lesson, paid monthly in advance.
  • Private Lessons: $50.00/lesson, paid monthly in advance.

Riders with Special Needs

We have numerous children on the Autism Spectrum, including some who are non-verbal, lower-functioning or just require additional help. We also have children with Intellectual Disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, Behavioral Disorders and other conditions such that it is not appropriate for them to attend a group session.

Ms. Kimber typically works with these students directly and can arrange for one or two side-walkers, if necessary. We conduct these lessons after school hours during the week, by appointment.

Fees for these classes are the same as our group lessons — $35.00/hour — but we have to add an additional $15/hour for each side walker, should they be necessary.

For children with special needs for whom riding may not always be appropriate, we also have a Therapy Classroom that is specifically equipped for children with Autism or similar conditions. Combo Therapy — half horseback, half therapy-room — are also available. Contact us for more information.

Please note: We are aware that many children with Autism are very sensitive to having anything on their head. We are happy to lend you a riding helmet to take home so you can practice having your child wear it. All riders — even riders who are uncomortable wearing a helmet — must wear them. This is not negotiable.

Classes are scheduled directly with Ms. Kimber — please call 915-443-5927 for more information or to make an appointment.

Birthdays, Trail Rides, Shows and Other things we DO and DON’T do

Our horses have specific training as Therapy Horses, and our instructors have specific training to work with beginning and intermediate riders with a wide range of abilities. 

  • We do not do birthday parties, even for our established riders. We hope you have a happy birthday somewhere else
  • We do not do “nose-to-tail” trail rides. Our horses are not used to these types of rides. We DO let riders go on trail rides with one or more instructors, but… 
    • you must be an established rider.
    • you must know how to walk, trot, canter and do an emergency dismount
    • we must be comfortable with your riding ability.
  • YES! We do attend Hunter / Jumper Shows, Gymkhanas, Rodeos, etc. If you are an established rider, you are invited to attend with us. You are responsible for all show expenses.